About Us

Goldman Lloyds International Ltd is a multi-sector specialist consultancy with interests in emerging sectors such as Technology, finance, and renewable energy markets. Our candidates and clients acknowledge our straight forward business model which delivers efficiency, transparency and execution.

Most of all we always welcome a challenge and have our own in-house research team responsible for identifying and entering new markets and trends.

Clients & Candidates

We offer transparent guidance and expert market intelligence within our areas of interests to ensure our clients and candidates can achieve their potential. Whether a new market entry or a stock-listed organisation, we offer a level playing field for both sides of the spectrum competing for exceptional talent and careers.

Industry Aims

We apply a humble, hardworking and professional approach to providing our partners the best value service possible. Whilst we continue to gain market share on our competitors across multiple industries and markets, our ultimate focus remains on supporting and delivering end-to-end client and candidate solutions with a transparent approach.

For client inquiries, contact us at: info@goldmanlloyds.com and a relevant consultant will be in touch.